UN 1950 AEROSOLER, brandfarliga 2.1, D - ADR Farligt


Säkerhetsdatablad Produktnamn : DUST OFF Air Duster Blås

2015-12-24 : In accordance with aerosol flammability definitions, this product is non-flammable. However, the . pressurized liquefied gas is extremely flammable. Using this product in an upsidedown position, or - shaking while using, can cause liquid product to be expelled. The information pertaining to flash . point below applies to the liquefied gas.

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Lukt information saknas. Lukttröskel. Det finns inte UN1950, Aerosols, flammable, 2.1. GHS02.

d - Rittal

Hazard Statements: Extremely flammable aerosol. UN number: UN1950. AEROSOLS. 14.2.

Un1950 aerosols

Säkerhetsdatablad - Cycle Service Nordic

14.2 Officiell transportbenämning: 14.3 Faroklass för transport: 2.1. Produktnamn : MULTILUBE Aerosol Väg/Järnväg - ADR/RID : UN1950 Aerosols Klasse: 2, PG : NA, Class. code : 5F, Label : 2.1  CRC 5-56 universalspray lossar fastfrostade delar. Driver ut fukt, förhindrar elektriska fel. Smörjer och förhindrar gnissel och knarrning.

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Un1950 aerosols


3) and similar wastes, such as gas canisters without a release device (i.e. UN2037 articles) and small pressurised and un-pressurised containers containing flammable gases (e.g. UN1057 articles), from now on referred to as “canisters". Fluid ®Film Aerosol (AS) Revision Date 05/13/2020 Page 8 / 9 IMDG/IMO UN-No.
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Säkerhetsdatablad - LABOSHOP

The compressed gas that makes sprays and aerosols work is hazardous in certain conditions and potentially flammable. What’s more, the contents of some cans (such as lubricants, cleaning products and deodorants) may be toxic. If packed incorrectly, there’s a risk that aerosols might explode, catch fire or contaminate other shipments. Aerosols, as defined in § 171.8 of this subchapter, and receptacles, small, containing gas, with a capacity not exceeding 50 mL (1.7 fluid oz.) and with a pressure not exceeding 970 kPa (141 psig) at 55 °C (131 °F), containing no hazardous materials other than a Division 2.2 gas, are not subject to the requirements of this subchapter except that for transport by aircraft, such aerosols and Description UN1950 Aerosols, 2, ADR ADR/RID-Labels 2 ADN Proper Shipping Name Aerosols, Flammable Hazard Class 2 PG NA Classification Code 5A Special Provisions 63, 190, 191, 277, 913 Description UN1950 Aerosols, 2 Hazard Labels 2 Limited Quantity See SP277 XV. REGULATORY 309 Import shipments of un1950 aerosols 2210 BOX CLEANNING PRODUCTS UN 1950/ IMO CLASS 2,1/ EMS. F Description UN1950, AEROSOLS, 2.2 (5.1), LTD- QTY Hazard Labels 2.2 + 5.1 Limited Quantity 0 Special precautions for user Cans should be transported in strong outside packaging.